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30 June, 2019 11:00 am

Estate Auction SundayJune 30  11AM Schmitz Auction Center Located 3 Miles West of Urbana, Ia. on Hwy 150 the 1.6 Miles North on 29th Ave. 5332-29th AveCoins, Household, Antiques, Tools,       Terms -&n

Estate Auction
 SundayJune 30  11AM

 Schmitz Auction Center
 Located 3 Miles West of Urbana, Ia. on Hwy 150 the 1.6 Miles North on 29th Ave. 5332-29th Ave

 Coins,Baseball Cards, Household, Antiques, Tools,  Pat Green Drum Carder, Le’Gare & Gearhart Sock Knitting Machine, KnitKing knitting Machine, 2 Spinning Wheels, Schacht Spindle Loom,  Lots of Yarn in Wools, Natural,, Rovings & Unprocessed, Bead & Crafting Supplies,  Hoosier cupboard, Fishing Poles & Tackel,
Auctioneers Note: We will start with the Coins and  Baseball Cards, at 11 in Upper Building then move Outside and Lower Building then return to Main Building
Coins & Cards
1.        Ancient Roman Coin
2.        Cival War (1861-1865) Indian Head Cent
3.         4 Proof Coins 1959 Cent, 1994 Nickel,1960 Dime, 1970 Quarter
4.        8 Foreign Coins
5.           9 1987 Baseball Cards
6.          6 Steel War Pennies P-D-S
7.          6 Steel War Pennies
8.          2009  8- Lincoln Cents
9.          6 Wheat Pennies 1925,1926,1930,1942,1945,1954
10.        6 Wheat Pennies 1920,1924,1935,1937,1941,1950
11.         8 Wheat Pennies 1910,1927,1928,1938,1944,1949,1952,1955
12          6 Indian Head Pennies, 1881,1882,1891,1892,1901,1902
13.          8  Uncirculated Lincoln Pennies, 1960,1961,1962,1963,1964,1970,1974,1981
14.         2 Uncirculated Lincoln  Wheat Pennies, 1956D, 1958D
15.          Joseph Walker Barr $1 Note
16.           1935C $1 Silver Certificate
17.            1976 Bicentennial $2 Bill
18.           4 Foreign Paper Money
19.            Commemorative U.S. Treasury Medallion 1789
20.            1971 Uncircukated Bureau of the Mint Set
21.            1981 Kennedy Half Dollar Gem “Proof” Condition
22.            2000 Republic of Liberia John F, Kennedy JR. $10 Coin
23.              24KT Gold Plated Bicentenial Kennedy Half Dollar
24.             6 Jefferson Nickels, 1947,1949,1951,1953,1955,1959 
25.             8 Jefferson Nickels, 1939,1950,1940,1941,1951,1954,1958,1959
26.             6 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels, 1970D, 1972D,1974D,1976D,1979D,1980D
27.              6 Buffalo Nickels 1917,1920,1923,1925,1926,1920 
28.              8 Buffalo Nickels 1918, 1920,1923,1925,1927,1928,1929 1920
29.               1909 Lincoln Head Wheat Cent 
30.                2000  Martland Statehood Quarter Image Imposed on Face  
31.                1966. Mexican Silver UN PESO ( Silver Dollar)
32.                1882 Shield Nickel 
33.                 1857 Flying Eagle Cent
34.                  1776-1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar
35.                 8 Uncirculated  Roosevelt Dimes 1974P,1974D,1977P,1977D,1985P.1985D, 1987P,1987D
36.                  8 Uncirculated  U.S. Commemorative Medallions
37.                 10 Westward Journey Nickel Series
38.                 4 V Nickels 1899,1901,1910,1911
39.                 First Day Issue May 21,1981 Space Achievement Gold Stamp
B40.             Hank Aaron Baseball Card
B41.             Don Drysdale Baseball Card
B42.             Mark McGwire Baseball Card
B43.             Joe Adcock Baseball Card
B44.             Ernie Banks  Baseball Card
B45.            Gale Snider Baseball Card

B46.             Wes Covington Baseball Card
B47.             Art Ditmar Baseball Card
B48.              Curt Flood  Baseball Card
B49.              Bob Buhl Baseball Card
B50.              Don McMahon  Baseball Card  

B51.              Whitey Lockman Baseball Card
B52.               Hank Sauer Baseball Card
B53.               Eddie Mathews Baseball Card
B54.               Eddie Mathews Baseball Card
B55.               Duke Snider  Baseball Card
B56.               Casey Wise  Baseball Card  
B57.                Del Crandall  Baseball Card  
B57A.                Del Crandall  Baseball Card 
B58.                Bob Hendley Baseball Card  
B59.                Vernon Law Baseball Card  
B60.                Gil Hodges Baseball Card  
B61.                Joe Adcock Baseball Card  
B62.                 Bill Bruton  Baseball Card  
B63.                 Warren Spahn Show No Hit Form Baseball Card  
B64.                 Willie Mays Baseball Card  
B65.                 Stan Musial  Baseball Card  
B66.                 Hank Aaron Baseball Card  
B67.                 Al Dark Baseball Card
B68.                 Gene Conley Baseball Card
B69.                 Joe Jay Baseball Card
B70.                 Bill Bruton Baseball Card
B71.                 Jeff Russell Baseball Card 
B72.                 Bob M ilacki Baseball Card 
B73.                 Nolan Ryan Baseball Card 
B74.                 2017 United States Mint Proof Set  
B75.                 2017 United States Mint Proof Set 
B76.                 2017 United States Mint Silver Proof Set  
B77.                 2017 United States Mint Silver Proof Set    
B78.                 2017 United States Mint Silver Proof Set   
B79.                 2017 United States Mint Silver Proof Set  
B80-85                 20-  2001 Kennedy Half Dollars Uncirculated
B86-90                20-  2004 Kennedy Half Dollars Uncirculated

B91.                   20-  2004 Kennedy Half Dollars 
B92.                   41 V Nickels 1906-1916

B93.                    34 Indian Head Cents
B94.                     2 Massachusetts Statehood Quarters Uncirculated
B95.                     2 South Carolina Statehood Quarters Uncirculated  
B96.                     2 New Hampshire Statehood Quarters Uncirculated  
B97.                     2 Virginia Statehood Quarters Uncirculated  
B97A.               2 Maryland Statehood Quarters Uncirculated  
B98                      23 Jefferson Nickels 1939-1952 in Book
B99                      Roll of Lincoln Cents Worn
B100                    Christopher Columbus 500th Aniv. Stamp
B101                    1970 Uncircukated Bureau of the Mint Set
B102.                   1992 National Trappers Convention Medallion Otter

B103.                    1944-S  Liberty Dime 
B104.                   1905 Indian Head Cent

B105.                   44 V Nickles 1905-1912
B106.                       1967 Kennedy Half Dollar
B107                       1960 Uncirculated Lincoln Cent
B108                        1989 Uncirculated  Quarter, Dime, Nickle & 2 Pennies
 B109     Various Coin Holders
C110 -111    2 Jars of Aprox. 1500 Lincoln Pennies
C112      6 Jefferson Nickels 1940,1941, 1947,1948,1954,1955
C113       6 Susan B. Anthony Dollars 1979 & 1980   P-D-S 
C114       8 Uncirculated Linoln Cents 1963D,1964,1968P, 1970P,1974D,1983,1074D, 1988
C115.    8 2009 Lincoln Cents 


Terms – Cash, good check, Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express  (3.5% convenience fee for Credit Cards). All items must be settled for day of sale. Number system will be used, have proper ID. Not responsible for accidents or merchandise after sold.  
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