coin auction

Joel Schmitz Auction Service

3 May, 2015 1:00 pm

Coin Auction

Sunday May 3 , 1 PM

Schmitz Auction Center Located 3 Miles West of Urbana, Iowa on Hwy 150 Then 1 1/2 Miles North On 29th Ave. 5332-29th Ave.

Partial Listing More Coming in

A1. Gem Stone Peridot .49 Carat

A2. Gem Stone Amethyst ,56 Carat

A3. Gem Stone Aventurine .43 Carat

A4. 4 Proof Coins 1961 Lincoln Cent, 1967, Jefferson Nickel, 1969 Roosevelt Dime &1979 Washington Quarter

A5. 8 Foreign Coins

A6. 9 -1992 Baseball Cards

A7. 1972 US Mint Set

A8. 6 Wheat Cents 1925,1928,1930,1943,1946,1955

A9. 6 Wheat Cents,1946, 1928,1930,1954,1943,1945

A10. 8 Wheat Cents 1919,1927,1929,1935,1953,1944,1951,1941

A11. 6 Steel War Cents P D S

A12. 6 Steel War Cents

A13 8 Indian Head Cents 1886,1891,1899,1901,1906,1907

A14. 8 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents 1961,1962,1963,1964,1970D,1974,1980D,1981

A15. 2 Uncirculated Wheat Cents 1956D, 1958D

A16. 6 Jefferson Nickels 1941D,1952D,1953D,1956D,1957D,1959D

A17. 8 Jefferson Nickels 1940D, 1941D,1942D,1946D,1953D,1955D,1958D,1959D

A18. 8 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes 1970D,1971D,1974P,1975D, 1971D1979P1984D,1984P

A19. 6 Uncirculated Washington Quarters 1970D,1977D,1980P1981D,Bicentennial, 1999 Delaware A20. 1973 Kennedy Proof Half Dollar

A21. 1957A $1 Silver Certificate

A22. 1974 Eisenhower Dollar

A23. 1958 Mexican "Silver Dollar" Un Peso

A24. 24K Gold First Day Issue Frederic Bartholdi Statue of Liberty Sculptor Stamp

A25. 8 Uncirculated Mint Set Medallions P &D

A26. 5 Uncirculated Statehood Quarters, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas

A27. 6 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels 1970S,1974,1975D,1976,1978,1979

A28. 4 V Nickels 1900,1903,1906,1911

A29. 6 Buffalo Nickels 1920,1923,1925,1927,1928,1929

A30. 8 Buffalo Nickels 1920,1923,1925,1927,1928,1929,1933,1935

A31. 1868 Shield Nickel

A32. 1859 Indian Head Penny Copper- Nicke

l A33. 10 Westward Nickel Set P &D

A34. 8 2009 Lincoln Cent Set Uncirculated

A35. 1976 $2 Bill with US Post Office Cancellation from April 13,1976 First Day Issue

A36. California Mission Trail Medallion

A37. 1864 Indian Head Penny

A38. 1909 Lincoln Cent

B39. 1999 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B40 2000 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B41 2001 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B42 2002 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B43 2003 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B44 2004 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B45 2005 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B46 2006 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B47 2007 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B48 2008 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B49. 2009 San Francisco Mint State Clad Quarters

B50 1999-2009 Official State and Territory Quarter Collectors Album Complete 117 Quarters

B51. 100 President Gold Coins Washington- Garfield in Wood Display Case

B52. 27 "Gold" Susan B. Anthony Dollars in Wood Display Case

B53. 1877 $50 Gold Half Union Proof

B54. 2013 Buffalo Gold $50 Coin

B55. 1929 Indian $5 Gold Coin Proof

B56. 40 President Gold Coins Chester Arthur -W. Wilson in Wood Display Case

C1. 2 Proof Sets 1971 &1972

C2. 2 Proof Sets 1980 & 1981

C3 . 1 Proof Set 1983

C4. 2 Proof Sets 1984 &1985

C5. 2 Proof Sets 1995 &1995

C6. 1898 Indian Head Penny XF

C7. 3 Indian Head Pennies F 1906,1907,1908

C8. 3-1909 Lincoln Cents VG-F

C9. 1-1909 Lincoln Cent VF

C10 1-1909-S Lincoln Cent VF RARE

C11. 2-1911 D Lincoln Cent VG

C12. 1911 S Lincoln Cent VG Key Date

C13. 1913 D & 1913S Lincoln Cents VG Key Dates

C14. 1914 S Lincoln Cent VG Key Date

C15. 1915D &1916 S Lincoln Cents VG &F

C16. 1916 D &1916 S Lincoln Cents VG &F

C17. 1922 D Lincoln Cent VG Key Date

C18. 1924 D Lincoln Cent VG+ Key Date Rare

C19 . 1943P &1943D Steel Lincoln Cents Uncirculated Nice

C20. 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent F+

C21. Lincoln Cent Book 1941-1961 Complete 57 Coins

C22. 12 Buffalo Nickels Full Dates 1928,1929 PDS, 1930,3-1936,4-1937 P&D

C23. 1931 S Buffalo Nickel VF Key Date Rare

C24. 3- 1936 Buffalo Nickel Set P-D-S in Case

C25. 3- 1938 Jefferson Nickels P-D-S Set F/XF

C26. 11- Jefferson War Nickels Set F/XF Silver

C27. 1949 S Jefferson Nickel MS64 Rotated Rev. Nice

C28. Jefferson Nickel Book 1938-1961 Complete 65 Coins

C29. Buffalo Nickel Book 1913-1938 Starter 43 Coins Key Dates

C30. 1903 S Barber Dime G Key Date Rare

C31. 1894 P Barber Dime G Semi Key Date

C32. 1940 P Mercury Dime Uncirculated MS63 Fb

C33. 1942 D Mercury Dime Uncirculated MS63 Fb

C34. 1943 P Mercury Dime Uncirculated

C35. 1943 D Mercury Dime Uncirculated

C36. 1944P Mercury Dime Uncirculated

C37 1945 P Mercury Dime Uncirculated

C38. 1917 PI Standing Liberty Quarter VG

C39. 1955 D Washington Quarter Gem MS66 Key Date

C40. Set of 5 Proof Quarters 1971S,1972S,1973S,1974S, 1976S

C41. 1906 O Barber Half Dollar G

C42 1908 P Barber Half DollarG

C43 1911 D Barber Half Dollar G Semi Key Date

C44 1915 D Barber Half Dollar G Semi Key Date

C45. 1917 P Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG

C46 1918 P Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG

C47 1920 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar G

C48 1943 P Walking Liberty Half Dollar Uncirculated MS62

C49. 1949D Franklin Half Dollar AU Key Date

C50. 1955 P Franklin Half Dollar VF Key Date

C51. 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Uncirculated 90% Silver

C52. 1965 & 1969 Kennedy Half Dollars Uncirculated MS66 40% Silver

C53. 1967 &1968 Kennedy Half Dollars Uncirculated 40% Silver

C54. 1882 O Morgan Silver Dollar AW

C55. 1885 O Morgan Silver Dollar MS61

C56. 1886 P Morgan Silver Dollar MS63

C57. 1890 O Morgan Silver Dollar EF

C58. 1900 P Morgan Silver Dollar MS64

C59. 1899 S Morgan Silver Dollar F Key Date

C60 1923 Peace Dollar Uncirculated MS63

C61. 1927 O Peace Silver Dollar VF Key Date

C62. 1934 S Peace Silver Dollar VF Key Date Rare

C63. 1889 Morgan Proof Copy

C64. 1928 A Silver Certificate Funny Back VF

C65. 1935 E &1935F Silver Certificates No In God We Trust F

C66. 1978 Mint Set P & D Uncirculated

C67. 1979 Mint Set P & D Uncirculated

C68. 1980 Mint Set P & D Uncirculated

C69. 1981 Mint Set P & D Uncirculated

C70. 1941-1967 Lincoln Cent Book Complete 67 Coins

D71. 1968 Mint Set

D72. 1968 Mint Set

D73. 1969 Mint Set

D74. 1969 Mint Set

D75. 1953 Coin Set 5 Coins Half, Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Penny

D77. 1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar VG

D78. 1899 O Morgan Silver Dollar

D79. 1927 D Peace Dollar

D80. 18?? 3 Cent Piece Nickel Holed

D81. 1865 3 Cent Piece Nickel

D82. 1868 3 Cent Piece Nickel

D83. 1877 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

D84. 1853 Half Dime W/ Arrows

D85. 1872 S Half Dime

D86. 1866 Indian Head Penny

D87. 1882 Liberty Seated Dime

D88. 1887 S Liberty Seated Dime

D89. 1931 S Mercury Dime VF

D90. 1957 Flying Eagle Cent

D91. 1913 Buffalo Nickel

D92. 1915 Buffalo Nickel G 4

D93. 1916 P Buffalo Nickel F 12

D94. 1916 Buffalo Nickel

D95. 1916 P Buffalo Nickel VF20

D96. 1917 P Buffalo Nickel VG 8

D97. 1918 Buffalo Nickel

D98. 1921 P Buffalo Nickel VG

D99. 1923 S Buffalo Nickel

D100. 1923 Buffalo Nickel

D101. 1924 Buffalo Nickel

D102. 1925 D Buffalo Nickel

D103. 1925 Buffalo Nickel

D104. 1926 Buffalo Nickel

D105. 1926 Buffalo Nickel

D106. 1926 Buffalo Nickel

D107. 1927 Buffalo Nickel

D108. 1927 Buffalo Nickel

D109. 1927 Buffalo Nickel

D110. 1927 P Buffalo Nickel VF20

D111. 1929 Buffalo Nickel

D112. 1929 P Buffalo Nickel F 12

D113. 1930 Buffalo Nickel

D114. 1935 Buffalo Nickel

D115. 1936 Buffalo Nickel

D116. 1936 Buffalo Nickel

D117. 1935 S Buffalo Nickel

D118. 1937 Buffalo Nickel

D119. 1937 Buffalo Nickel

D120. 1921 Peace Silver Dollar Belt Buckle

D121-195 Rolls of Wheat Cents

E196. United States Eisenhower Centennnial Silver Proof Dollar 1890-1990

E197. 1989 United States Mint Prestige Set Liberty Dollar, Jefferson Nickel, Washington Quarter,Lincoln Cent, Roosevelt Dime, Kennedy Half, & Bicentennial Congress Half

E198. 28 Silver? Foreign Coins

E199. 21 Cooper? Foreign Coins

F200. 5 Statehood Quarters 2006 Colorado,2008 Oklahoma-Hawaii-Alaska&New Mexico

F201. 3 Steel War Cents 1943 D-S-P

F202. 5 Gold President Dollars 2- John Adams, Van Buren, Madison, Jackson

F203. 6-1971 Kennedy Half Dollars F204. 4-1972 Kennedy Half Dollars

F205. 2-1974 Kennedy Half Dollars F206. 4-1974 Kennedy Half Dollars

F207. 2003 Uncirculated Jefferson Nickel

F208. 2004 Uncirculated Colorized Peace Mdl Nickel

F209. 2004 Uncirculated Colorized Keelboat Nickel

F210. 2005 Uncirculated Colorized Ocean View Nickel

F211. 2005 Uncirculated Colorized Bison Nickel

F212. 2006 Uncirculated Colorized Monticello Nickel

F213. 2012 D Nickel

F214. 1964 &1971 Nickels

F215. 2008-P Uncirculated Alaska Quarter

F216. 1961 &1966 Canada Cents

F217. 1879 Indian Head Penny

F218. 2007 Uncirculated American Eagle Silver Dollar

F219. 1 Cent Missouri Tax Coin

F220. 1945 Washington Quarter

F221. American Nickels of the 20th Century 1936 Buffalo, 1960 Jefferson, 1945 War Time Silver, 1905 Liberty Head

F222. Oct. 2, 2000 First Day Issue Stamp & Gold Stamp Deep Sea Creatures Fangtoof

F223. 4 Tokens

G224. 1999 Susan B. Anthony Proof Dollar

G225. The National Bicentenial Medal

G226. 1935E Silver Certificate

G227. 1957 Silver Certificate

G228. 1935G Silver Certificate

G229. 1935D Silver Certificate

G230. 1934A $5 Silver Certificate

G231. 1928G $2 Red Seal

G232.         The American Buffalo Coin & Currency Set 2001 Silver Dollar Mint 1987 Red Cloud 10 Cent Stamp & Replica Indian Chief $5 Silver Certificate
G233.         1971 Eisenhower Proof Dollar
C234.          1999 United States Proof Sets
C235.          1878 Morgan Silver Dollar First Year Issue
G236.          1964P Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
G237.          1986-S Ellis Island Half Dollar
G238.           1876-S Trade Dollar EF
G239            1984 Canadian Toronto Centennial  Silver Dollar
G240            1974 American Revolution Bicentennial  Medallion George Washington
G241.           1885 O Morgan Silver Dollar
G242.           1885 P Morgan Silver Dollar
G243.           1898 P Morgan Silver Dollar
G244.           1889 P Morgan Silver Dollar
G245-248      2012 USA Copper .999Fine One AVDP Ounce Coin
G249.           1890 Carson City  Morgan Silver Dollar

G250.           1982 George Washington Commemorative Half Dollar Uncirculated
G252 .           1982 Proof George Washington Commemorative Half Dollar Uncirculated
G253.           Liberty Head Nickel Book 1883-1913 Not Complete 23 Coins Total
G254.            1900 O Morgan Silver Dollar
G255.            1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar
G256.            1923 Morgan Silver Dollar
G257.            1968 Canadian Mint Set
G258.            1972 United States Mint Set
G259.            1973 United States Mint Set

G260.            1974 United States Mint Set
G261.            1921 Peace Silver Dollar
G262.            1922 D Peace Silver Dollar
G263.            1923 S Peace Silver Dollar
G264.             Bag of 152 Wheat Cents
G265.       Set of 5 Uncirculated State Quarters 1999 D Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia & Connecticut  

G266.       Set of 5 Uncirculated State Quarters 1999 P Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia & Connecticut  
G267.            1996 Mint Set P&D
G268.             2002 P Mint Set w/ State Quarters
G269.             341 Wheat Cents
G270.            1975 First Day Issue 4 Continental Army Stamps & Paul Revere Coin
G271.            1976 Bicentennial First Day Issue July 4,1776 Stamps & Thomas Jefferson Coin
G272.            Bag of 225 Wheat Cents

G273.            1861 Indian Head Penny

G274.            1872 Indian Head Penny

G275.           1874 Indian Head Penny
G276.            1906 Indian Head Penny
G277.             1943 Steel War Cents P-D-S
G278.             1852 3 Cent Piece Silver
G279.             1853 Half Dollar w/ Arrows G
G280.            1876 Carson City Quarter XF
G281.              1903 P Half Dollar
G282.                1907 D Half Dollar
G283.              1908 D Half Dollar
G284.               1935 D Washington Quarter XF
G285.              1917 S Half Dollar F
G286.              1943  Half Dollar

G287.              1943 S  Half Dollar

G288&289      1972 S United States Proof Sets
G290              1985 S United States Proof Sets
G291              American Series Yesteryear Collection 1902 Indian Head, 1911 Nickel, 1912 Half, 1897 Quarter &1907 Dime
G292.             American Series President Collection 1964 Penny-Nickel-Quarter & Half, 1962 Dime
G293.            Lincoln Head Cent Book 1941 on  Not Complete 82 Coins
G294.            Lincoln Head Cent Book 1941-1961 Missing 1955 Double Die OBV.
G295.            Buffalo Nickels Book 1913-1938 Not Complete 33 Coins
G296.            1966 United States Special Mint Set
G297.           1962 United States Proof Coins Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter & Half
G298.           American Nickels of The20th Century 1936 Buffalo, 1947 Jefferson, 1943 Steel, 1906 Liberty Head
G299.        2- 1964 Uncirculated Kennedy Halves P &D
G300.          1898 Uncirculated Morgan Dollar

H301-315.    Rolls of 50 Wheat Cents           
H316.          4 Steel War Cents
H317.           37 Whet Cents
H318.            1901 Indian Head Cent
H319.            1905 Indian Head Cent
H320.            1908 Indian Head Cent
H321.             1981 United States Proof Set
I 322.          2006 Commemorative Quarters Uncirculated & Proof Issues P D S
I 323.        2-  2009 Guam Quarters P & D Uncirculated
I 324.        2-2000 Massachusetts State Quarters Gold Tone Uncirculated
I 325.         1972 United States Mint Set
I 326.          1980 United States Mint Set
I 327.          Proof Coins 1961 Penny, 1961 Nickel, 1978 Dime & 1970 Quarter
I 328.          8 Foreign Coins
I 329.           6 Buffalo Nickels 1918,1920,1923,1925,1928,1929
I 330.          8 Buffalo NICKELS 1917,1920,1921,1923,1925,1929,1935
I 331.          6 Wheat Cents 1912,1923,1933,1942, 1952,1958

I 332.          6 Wheat Cents 1913,1924,1934,1942, 1952,1957
I 333.          8 Wheat Cents 1919,1927,1922,1935,1941,1944, 1951,1953
I 334.          8 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents 1953D,1964,1968P,1976P,1974D,1983,1974D,1988
I 335.         8 Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes 1970,1975,1978,1979P,1980D,1980P,1981,1989

J336.             8 Buffalo Nickels 1920,1925D,1927,1928,1930,1935,1937,1937D
J337-340.            Roll of 20 Kennedy Half Dollars
J341.                 5 Garfield "Gold" Dollars
J342.                 4 Harris & 1 Grant "Gold" Dollars
J343.                2 Taylor,1 John Adams, 1 John Q Adams & 1 Arthur  "Gold" Dollars 
J344.                2 Pierce,1 Van Buren, 2 Sajaweete "Gold" Dollars
Schmitz Auction Does Not Grade Coins, Any Grading Value is done by Consigner or their aggent.Schmitz Auction Suggest you inspect the coins before purchasing

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